Ferniehill Surgery

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Patient Rights

We aim to respect all patients’ confidentiality at all times. The entire practice staff is bound by this duty and we would treat any breach  seriously.

You will be treated as an individual with dignity, courtesy and respect at all times, irrespective of your ethnic origin, religious belief, sex or sexuality, or the nature of your health problems.  We expect to be treated in the same way.

Data Protection – Your medical records are private and information therein will not be made available to any other party other than for the benefit of your health.  For a copy of our data protection/privacy notice - please contact the practice or click here

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights: Everyone has certain rights covered by the NHS Patient’s Charter.  You have the right to:

Your responsibilities: You can help yourself and health care staff by doing the following:

*GP services

You have the right to be registered with a GP practice.  Ask your preferred surgery if you can be registered on their list.  GPs can refuse to register you.

To change GP, ask to be registered at the surgery you want to join.  Your health records will be transferred to your new GP.  You do not need to tell your current GP, but it is helpful if you do.

A GP may remove you from the practice list at which time you will be given a reason.  This is rare and usually only happens if a patient has been abusive or violent.  Ferniehill Surgery will remove you from their list if you are violent or abusive. Your GP may also remove you from the practice list if you often miss appointments.  They will warn you before they do this.

You can get a list of GPs in your area from  NHS Lothian, Practitioner services  by telephoning:  0131 537 8423.