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Only work on bacteria, and have no effect on viruses.  Unfortunately, this means that common problems like coughs, colds and flu are not helped by them at all.  The correct treatment is with the simple remedies outlined below and antibiotics are only used when additional  bacterial infection is suspected.  Overuse of antibiotics may lead to complications like thrush, diarrhoea and rashes, and may not be so effective later when you do need them.


Take plenty of fluids.  Use Paracetamol (at the recommended dosage for your particular age group) for fever of discomfort.  Steam inhalations can also help congestion.


These can be soothed by hot drinks.  If particularly irritating, steam inhalations can be worthwhile.  If you are coughing  up coloured phlegm, you may be wise to make an appointment with a doctor.


Children often run temperatures with no other symptoms.  They need to be cooled down and then they will feel much better.  Remove their clothes down to vests and pants and keep the room temperature down.  Use Paracetamol syrup such as Calpol/Disprol etc. and if necessary sponge them down with luke warm (not cold) water.  If there is no improvement within 24 hours then you may wish to contact a doctor.


 Contrary to popular belief, these creatures like clean hair and are not a sign of poor personal hygeine.  Medicated head lotion can be obtained from the chemist without prescription.


 This is usually caused by a virus and is therefore unable to be treated  directly.  In most cases, taking small and frequent amounts of clear fluids and not eating anything  for 24 hours or so will allow the tummy to settle.  If symptoms are persistent or the patient is becoming generally less well , consult your doctor.

Nose Bleeds

 Sit, leaning forward, and press  the nose firmly between thumb and finger  to close the fleshy part of the nose, breathing slowly through an open mouth.  Continued pressure for ten minutes allows most nose bleeds to stop.

Burns and Scalds.

 Cool immediately with copious amounts of cold water.  Continue for 10 - 15 minutes until the pain subsides.  Cover loosely with a clean dressing.    If the burn is large or the skin is broken or blistered, consult your doctor or attend Accident & Emergency.

Dental Problems

 For toothache and other dental problems, please contact your dentist who who can prescribe if necessary.

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