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Support for unpaid carers- people who are looking after relatives or friends

People who look after someone need to be looked after too.

Many people don’t choose to become a carer, they tell us, ‘it just happens.’

You may not even consider yourself to be a carer and just feel that you are looking after someone because that’s what family and friends do for each other. While this is often the case, it is widely recognised that caring for someone else can have a real impact on your own health and your own life and here at the practice we would like to make sure you can access the right help and support.

You may:

Be starting to care for someone- a relative, friend, partner, or neighbour

Have been a carer for a long time

Have recently stopped caring for someone or your circumstances may have changed.

You may not think you need support, but ask yourself:

Could the person who you look after manage day-to-day life on their own?

Could they cope without your help and support?

Do you have enough time to think about yourself properly?

Do you get a break for yourself?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, or feel you would like help and support with someone you are caring for, then we would encourage you to let us know you are a carer, speak to a member of the team or contact the NHS Carer Support team by calling 536-3371.

You can also click on the links below which contain useful information for carers.

Useful Links:

Edinburgh Carer Support Team (based within the NHS)

Carers Emergency Card (A service provided by Edinburgh Council)

Volunteernet  (A service provided by Edinburgh Council)

Carers Scotland

NHS Choices

Short Breaks for Carers

Carers Direct phone Line

Link to carer training and events calendar